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June 4, 2020  

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
0092 - Human Resource Series Job Postings & Interviews 4 CE Course 
$100.00 Click Here to Register

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

0064 Surge Protection: Concepts, Design and Up-Selling 2 CE Course

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3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
2020 Mandatory 2 CE Course


June 11, 2020

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0092 - Human Resource Series Job Postings & Interviews 4 CE Course 

Any hiring manager and business owner has experienced an bad hire, What went wrong? IN this course join instructor Jeff Makey as he talks with human resource of over 11 years, Allison Jorden, as we dive into writing a job posting that better attracts compatible candidates.  Explore the difference between a job description and job posting.  A good job posting will better portray your company culture and personality attracting the candidates that you want to interview. 
Then instructor Jeff Makey speaks with Human Resource expert of over 40 years, Jim Hemphill, about assessing candidates.  Question to ask and questions to avoid. Nuances to look for in the interview and on applications and resumes.  This part will also discuss adhering to legislation such as ADA and NC Job Reference protection for employers. How to select candidates that will help build your team and culture. cLearn will break down hourly form salaried candidates.

Pending- 2020 NCLBGC Mandatory 2 CE Course

The NC Licensing Board for General Contractor’s 2020 mandatory course explains the statutes and regulations in which qualifiers and licensees must comply. Students will review current law, regulations, rules and statutory terminology used by the NCLBGC. Students will also participate in a practical exercise in the application of knowledge they learned and understood during the class. This course satisfies the two hour mandatory course requirement for 2020.  cLearn is an approved provider with approved instuctors.

0064 Surge Protection: Concepts, Design and Up-Selling 2 CE Course

Much more than lighting, surge protection is a growing concern in both residential and commercial construction. Have you ever wondered why that LED light bulb didn’t last as long as it should have? Why does your smart TV flicker and have to reboot? Already making its way into codes in other states surges cause unseen damaging reducing the life span of LED’s, smart appliances and much more. This course will focus on what a surge is, how surge protection works and how to up-sell your clients on this largely unknown silent demon of degradation and destruction.

Pending Approval 4 CE Course