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Human Resources -  Job Postings (1 Business CE for Landscape and Irrigation)

Any hiring manager and business owner has experienced a bad hire. In this course join instructor Jeff Makey as he talks with Human Resource of 11 years, Allison Jorden.  We will dive into the difference between a job description and a job posting. Learn writing skills that reduce discrimination liability and increase your company reputation.  Your Job Posting IS a company advertisement! 

When you better portray your company culture and personality you will attract the candidates you want to interview.  

Human Resource Series - Interviews (2 Business CE for Landscape and Irrigation) 

Any hiring manager and business owner has experienced a bad hire.  What went wrong? In this course join Jeff Makey as he talks with Human Resource expert  of over 40 years, Jim Hemphill, about assessing candidates. Questions to ask and questions to avoid. Nuances to look for in the interview and on applications and resumes.  How to select candidates that will help build your team culture. cLearn will break down hourly candidates from salaried candidates in this interview styled course. 

This 1 hr 40 min video is broken down into chapters and open for 60 days after enrollment for your convenience. 

If you are seeking credit for both licenses please make sure both numbers are listed in your profile. You only need to take the course once.  We will handle the rest. 

Surge Protection for Low Voltage Systems (1 technical Landscape and Irrigation CE offered)

Ever wonder why a breaker doesn’t stop surge damage? cLearn will discuss what surges are and where they come from. You may be surprised how surge damage is routinely caused by unnoticed surges. Surge protection is becoming required in new building code but may not be enough. Learn the different damage caused by surges and the multi-level protection that may be needed. This simple up sale will protect your client’s investment by significantly increasing the life of expensive outdoor LED lighting.  

This course will offer 1 technical  CE credit for Landscape Contractors and Irrigation Contractors.  If you are seeking credit for both please make sure your licence numbers are listed in your profile.  We will handle the rest. 

Landscape Contractor's Required Written Agreements and Minimum Standards (1 Business CE)

The NCLCLB has reported an increase in code violations, specifically in written agreements with clients.  Are you meeting the requirements? Do you know when you are required to have a written agreement? Do you know where to find the requirements? Join cLearn to discover where to find the Written Agreement requirements defined by the Licensing Board. Explore in detail every item needed in a simple explanation of the Written Agreement section of the governing rules.